Alejandro Aguirre 

With over five years of experience in the Journalism field under his belt, Alejandro utilized his skill set and was the primary interviewer for Live Better Die Well. He was in charge of writing copy, and also assisted in editing the text and designing the Live Better Die Well website.


Rafael Rivera

With his experience in advertising and marketing, Rafael was primarily in charge of the strategic communications portion for Live Better Die Well. He accomplished this through the creation of TV storyboards, print ads, and social media content. His work also included filming interviews, editing videos, and helping his fellow teammates in website design and writing.


Steven Cheney 

Steven's experience studying psychology created an interest in how people cope with being mortal. He managed finding sources, communicating with interviewees, writing questions, and conducting interviews. He was also instrumental in planning the content displayed on the Live Better Die Well website. 

Professional Head Shot.jpg

Austyn Szempruch

Due to his background in history and sports journalism, Austyn handled the research into the background of palliative care. He led the charge on capturing supporting footage to accompany video content, in addition to helping with camera work during interviews. Austyn also assisted with the strategic communications portions of the campaign and edited some of the videos that appear on the Live Better Die Well website.